Friday, April 22, 2011

Phase 1 Design

Phase 1 will provide hot water pre-heating, and two bedrooms with hydronic radiators. It will use two 8' * 12' solar panels using the Sunraysolar absorber plates. I compared the cost per sqft of each absorber plate model, and the 8*12 are the cheapest, so we will have to find a way to implement them.
Because they will be in front of the house, the solar absorbers will be set horizontally, with two header pipes, one above and one below, to connect the absorbers headers. Each header pipe will be 24FT long, 1.5" diameter.
I am not sure this configuration will work. I am concern with air being trapped in the horizontal risers as water raises in the vertical headers. One solution would be to not add horizontal headers, but without them the absorbers won't completely drain, so these headers are required. I am hoping the tilt of the absorbers will be enough to allow a complete fill. At this time a filling/draining test is the only way to tell.
Thermostatic valves are set on each hydronic radiator. This removes the need to add thermostats, zone valves and other expense and complexity. This is the way hydronic heating is used in France.

Here is the block diagram for phase 1:

Bill of Material:

  • Absober plates (8*12) = $428.43 * 2 = $856.86
  • Material for absorbers (Plywood)= TBD
  • Material for absorbers (4x4 posts) = TBD
  • Hydronic radiators SD70160G = $525.35 * 2 = $1050.7
  • Thermostatic valves = $58.90 * 2 = $117.80
  • Hydronic pump = TBD
  • Solar circulating pump = TBD
  • Pump Controller = TBD
  • Heat exchanger (300FT pipe) = TBD
  • Various piping = TBD
  • Tank material (2X4) = TBD
  • Tank material (plywood) = TBD
  • Tank material (insulation) = TBD
  • Tank material (miscellaneous) = TBD

Total = $2025.36 so far (still many items TBD)

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