Monday, May 16, 2011

Property layout - first draft

The following picture presents the location of the solar collector compared to the house. It also shows its South orientation. The collector is 12Ft high, 32FT long. This location is far away from trees to avoid shading. The house may produce some shading at the end of winter days, but that should be minimal. The location of the collector is also higher that the level of the house, which will further reduce shading.
Also shown are the rainwater lines to feed our toilets and laundry rooms, as well as several outdoor spigots.

Routing the hot water lines from the collector to the tank won't be easy. The current plan is to locate the tank downstairs inside a wall separating the living room from the third bedroom, on the South side of the house. The lines must run downward continuously from the collectors to the tank. The only way is to go around the house, which will make the pipe run a little longer.

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